About us
One of the four synergy centers selected for the “Japan Initiative for World-leading Vaccine Research and Development Centers” is the Vaccine Research and Development Center (VRDC), DEJIMA Infectious Disease Research Alliance (DIDA), Nagasaki University. Its goal is to develop vaccines against infectious diseases that pose a threat to humanity in collaboration with SHIONOGI & CO., LTD., NEC OncoImmunity AS, and KM Biologics Co., Ltd. Specifically, the project will focus on the development of vaccines against highly pathogenic pathogens (dangerous pathogens that cause diseases such as Ebola) and tropical pathogens (pathogens that cause diseases prevalent in tropical regions, such as dengue and malaria), areas in which Nagasaki University specializes. In addition, the project will utilize lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), technologies patented by the University and collaborating companies, and vaccine development using artificial intelligence (AI). The University will also collect global infectious disease data to establish a rapid emergency response system.

Through these initiatives, VRDC aims to contribute to the national strategy of providing vaccines within 100 days during a future global infectious disease outbreak. This effort will protect the nation’s health and economy from infectious diseases and strengthen global health security.